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EAI International Conference on Wireless Networks, Applied Medical Sensor Networks and Computational Science

December 20–21, 2017 | Hosur, India


Hosur is a town and a municipality in Krishnagiri district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the headquarters of the Hosur Taluk of Krishnagiri district. Hosur has history dating back to the 13th century, however various documents,plaques and stone-art found in this area claim hosur to be older than 1800 years, a part of Murasa Nadu during the sangam era while MalaNadu was on the upper bank of Cauvery. Hosur later was ruled by varied rulers including Hoyasala kings, Tippu before finally went on to be under the British rule.

However, many areas around Hosur including the famed Hosur Cattle Farm at Mathigiri are existing landmark's of Tippu Sultan's glory. Post-Independence has seen Hosur go through a huge transformation, initially during state's re-organization in south india on the basis of language. Although Hosur had a majority of native Telugu speakers back then, followed by native Kannada people, it was annexed to Tamil Nadu while Tamil speakers were a small minority. Later in the Post-Independance years, Hosur witnessed a steep rise in investment and industrialization owing to its climate and geographical position. Many multi-national companies have set up their manufacturing units and continue to do so till date leading to a transformation of Hosur from a tiny little town to a major industrial Hub.

By Road

Hosur is located about 40 Kms (25 mi) south east of Bangalore, 48 Kms (30 mi) north west of Krishnagiri, the district headquarters, and 306 Kms (190 mi) west of Chennai. Hosur, being one of the largest industrial hubs of South India is well connected to every district in Tamil Nadu with regular bus services.

Buses to Chennai, operate once every 30 mins while there are continuous shuttle services to Bangalore every few minutes. Mass transit to Bangalore is the highest from Hosur owing to the Socio-Economic ties from Pre-independence era.

Tirupati, madurai, coimbatore,Nagercoil,Velankani,Thanjavur,Trichy,Tiruvannamalai and Rameswaram are also connected to Hosur by T.N.S.T.C at regular Intervals.

By Train

Hosur station code is HSRA. Most trains to/from Bangalore/Salem pass through here.Hosur is directly connected to Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and many southern cities of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.However it lacks a direct rail connection to Chennai, the state capital